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Infrastructure as a Service

A malware behavior-as-a-service that allows safe execution of malware for research. It provides real-world run-time characteristics of malware by executing samples on a controlled testbed. The service captures multiple execution artifacts across system layers, enabling comprehensive analysis. JUGAAD's automation ensures an up-to-date data corpus, fostering multi-dimensional research to confront evolving cyber-attacks.

Labelled Data as a Service

An extensive and open dataset crafted to delve into the intricate realm of real-world malware behavior analysis, encompassing a multi-perspective framework that encapsulates comprehensive insights from network activities, operating system interactions, and hardware events, fostering an environment for unbiased comparisons and empowering researchers to unlock new frontiers in malware research and cybersecurity advancement.

Multi featured Solutions

A cutting-edge framework for malware detection that leverages optimal data sources, features, and user requirements. It utilizes an ensemble of specialized predictors and resolves conflicting inferences through hierarchical aggregation. SUNDEW achieves high detection accuracy on real-world datasets, with minimal performance impact. A powerful solution in the fight against diverse malware classes and their varying threat levels.

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